Web Visitors

See who’s browsing your website

Companies used to be able to anonymously visit your website. With Web Visitors, you can now reveal which organizations are looking, how they found you, and what they engage with.

Add Web Visitors to any Pipedrive CRM plan to get more leads and manage deals with one software.

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Reveal already interested leads
Know what your leads want
Have your leads ranked

How it works

1. Install a simple tracker

This easy-to-install script counts how many unique organizations visit your website. If the same company visits your site multiple times, they still count just once.

2. Organizations identified

Web Visitors filters out unidentifiable and unhelpful website traffic, leaving only high-quality organizations to add to your Leads Inbox or contacts.

3. Monitor all your websites

Track all types of organizations on as many websites as you like. Use custom filters to segment your visitors by site visited, if they are an existing contact, and more.

Reveal already interested leads

Identify organizations that are already engaging with your content and campaigns. Discover new leads and monitor existing customers to know when your key accounts are ready to convert.

Know what your leads want

Use insights to understand the wants and needs of your hottest leads and existing customers and to follow up accordingly. View the complete browsing history of any company so you get a full picture of what interests them.

Have your leads ranked

Visitors are automatically ranked based on their web activity, so you know who to focus on first. Filter visitors by country, Google AdWords campaign, or web pages they interact with.


Your price depends on how many unique identified organizations visit your website per month after ISPs (Internet service providers), crawlers, and other irrelevant web traffic are removed. To determine your price, start your free trial and install the easy visitor tracker.

Up to 200 identified organizations


per month
($0.25 per organization)

201 to 500 identified organizations


per month
($0.20 per organization)

501 to 2000 identified organizations


per month
($0.15 per organization)

Learn more about how Web Visitors measures your website traffic in our Knowledge Base article.

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