Privacy and security

Have full transparency and peace of mind on when and how your business data is being used

Security center

Your one-stop shop to keep an eye on company data and security in one easy-to-use, visual dashboard.

  • Security dashboard

    Control security from one place. Monitor how, where, when and by whom your company data is accessed and tackle suspect user and account activities in real-time.

  • User access and device logs

    Get notifications about the times and locations of user logins over the last 60 days. Pinpoint suspicious devices and force logouts to prevent risks like account sharing and protect data.

  • Rules and alerts

    Set custom rules to automate secure practices – such as whitelisting IPs or setting time-restricted access – to stop security breaches and data leakage before they occur.

  • Security management tips

    Get tips on how to safeguard against vulnerabilities, guide user behavior and tackle security alerts based on your customized user settings.

Visibility and login protection

Easy-to-use features help you control user access, from how people log in to your company’s account to what they can see and do in Pipedrive

Organizational data management

At Pipedrive, we take security and privacy seriously both in our product and our organization to protect the data our customers entrust to us

  • GDPR

    Pipedrive is fully committed to meeting GDPR requirements, safeguarding data subject rights and ensuring accountability at all levels.

  • Company-wide training

    Data protection goes beyond the work of our security and privacy teams; every Pipedrive employee is trained to do their part to keep your data safe.

  • Data storage and encryption

    You own your data, and we never use it beyond the service we provide to you. You can always export it, transfer it via the API or tell us to delete it.

  • Data protection officer

    Pipedrive has had a dedicated data protection officer since 2017 who spearheads data protection compliance and initiatives.

Secure infrastructure

Get rock-solid hosting infrastructure with daily backups in multiple locations, trusted by tens of thousands of customers around the world

  • World-class data storage

    We store and protect your data using world-class hosting infrastructure in Rackspace and AWS. For optimized performance and compliance, the Pipedrive databases of users in Europe, Africa, India, Israel, Turkey and Kazakhstan are hosted in Frankfurt while data from users in other countries is stored in data centers in the United States.

  • Encryption and data handling

    We use state-of-the-art encryption for all data, whether at rest or in transit over public networks, to ensure maximum uptime and safety of your records.

  • Daily backups

    We back up your data daily going back three months. Backups are then encrypted and sent to a secure location for added security.


US-EU Privacy Shield


Data Processing Addendum
RFC 2350
Pipedrive Vulnerability Disclosure Program
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