Insights and reports

Leave spreadsheets behind and play with your data in customizable reports and interactive dashboards

Customizable reports

Create custom CRM fields for reports and decisions as unique as your business. Filter, group and oversee results, revealing winning patterns and bottlenecks for your team to overcome.

  • Deals

    Deal reports show how many opportunities your salespeople win or lose and why. Get insights on sales cycle duration and win rates to improve your sales process and make it more efficient.

  • Revenue

    Revenue forecast reports predict turnover and growth to help spot problems before they arise. Recurring revenue reports reflect customer payments that come in multiple installments, letting you accurately project revenue.

  • Activities

    Activity reports track custom sales activities like emails, demos, calls or events. Focus on the tasks your team can control to watch sales unfold, then repeat the patterns that worked.

  • Leads

    *Coming soon* See where your business’s leads come from and which convert best to deals with leads reports. Interact with lead source data from your Chatbots, Web Forms and custom channels.

Interactive dashboards

Track your most important reports and KPIs in one place with visual dashboards to monitor team progress at a glance.

  • Beautiful dashboard designs

    Transform report metrics into visual displays so viewers can interpret findings at a glance. Drag, drop and resize your data into interactive charts to fuel smarter business decisions.

  • Sharable dashboard links

    Share live dashboard links with anyone in two clicks to keep your team on track and external stakeholders informed. Trust live data – not exports or screenshots – for visibility that won't time out.


Set individual, team and company-wide goals, then track progress with real-time metrics on customizable dashboards and easy to read reports

  • Set goals

    Detailed goals are often easier to track and achieve, so you can add assignees, types, pipelines, expected outcomes, intervals and durations to goals in Pipedrive.

  • Team goals

    Let your salespeople know what to spend their valuable time on by setting team goals, then watch their progress in live dashboards to see if they’re on course.

More features

Open API and integrations

Integrate your sales and customer data with your preferred reporting tool for joined-up information and insights

Custom fields and reports

Collect and review the sales data specific to your business with custom fields and reports

Team management

Organize your salespeople into teams and gain useful insights into their performance

One of the favorite features within Pipedrive is the email integration. It pulls all of the clients details in, so that we don’t have to think about it.

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